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What is Hospice

What Is HospiceHospice is a specialized form of medical care that seeks to provide comfort and maintain a patient's quality of life (to the greatest extent possible) for those facing a life-limiting illness, disease or terminal condition. Hospice care generally focuses on the overall or holistic wellbeing of a patient by addressing not only his or her physical condition but also any emotional, social and even spiritual/religious needs as death approaches.

In addition, hospice care can provide support, resources, and information to a patient's family and loved ones during this difficult time—particularly to a family member providing caregiving to the patient—as well as assistance after a hospice patient's death occurs.

It's important to understand that while hospice care does not seek a cure to a patient's life-limiting illness, disease or condition, hospice also does not hasten death or "help someone die." The overall mission of hospice care usually affirms life and considers death part of a natural process in order to help patients spend the remainder of their lives as fully and comfortably as possible.

Hospice care is typically provided in the patient's home but some patients might receive temporary inpatient care at a hospice facility.

In addition, hospice care does not provide 24-hour, "round the clock" nursing care, so family members, hired caregivers or nursing home staff might provide caregiving services.