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Knox County Hospice - Serenity Point Hospice

Serenity Point Hospice is a licensed and local hospice provider, serving all of Knox County. We accept Medicare and Medicaid as well as many private insurances. We provide hospice care in Knox County with 24 Hour - 7 Days Access. Caring, Licensed Nurses. Zero Out of Pocket Cost.

To help those who are seeking the right fit, Serenity Point Hospice offers free evaluations and the opportunity to ask questions.

Every hospice patient has a unique set of needs and every hospice will approach direct patient care and caregiver support in its own way. Ask questions to understand specifically how the provider will deliver care.

While Medicare requires a registered nurse to visit hospice patients at least once every two weeks, it’s important to find a hospice that will develop a care plan to address your loved one’s individual needs. Serenity Point Hospice nurses visit their patients at least twice a week, but maintain a schedule that can be customized. In addition to nurse’s visits, progressive hospices like Serenity Point Hospice ensure aides, social workers, chaplains and volunteers are available for visitation as well. This ensures all patient and family needs are addressed, not just the clinical ones.

It’s important for people to know that as a patient declines, they will be seen more often to ensure comfort is maintained and the necessary support is given to caregivers.

Many families wish they would have started hospice sooner. Find out when is right for you. Learn more today from the leader in Hospice services in Knox County. Your care is our priority. We provide local hospice support with every step. Specialized Services. Specialized Care. Comfort and Support. Safety Is Our #1 Priority. When Quality care and peace of mind matter most, Choose Serenity Point Hospice in Knox County Illinois.