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Woodford County Hospice - Serenity Point Hospice

Serenity Point Hospice is Proud to provide Hospice care in Woodford County, IL.

Serenity Point Hospice now offers exceptional hospice care in Woodford County which includes an interdisciplinary Team that includes nurses, social workers, counselors, physicians, clergy, home care aids, volunteers and other health professionals trained to support you and the care that is delivered.

Why choose hospice care?
Care will be focused on your needs and wishes. A wide range of services are available to enhance your quality of life and to control such symptoms as pain and anxiety. We expect you and your caregivers to take part in meeting your care needs. You have the right to refuse any treatment or service offered and we will support you in your choices.

We hear all too often that many families wish they would have started hospice sooner. Find out when it is right for you. Learn more today from the leader in Hospice services in Woodford County. Your care is our priority. We provide local hospice support with every step. Specialized Services. Specialized Care. Comfort and Support. When Quality care and peace of mind matter most, Choose Serenity Point Hospice in Woodford County, IL.